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Galaxy S20 Repairs Melbourne

Galaxy S20 Repairs Melbourne

We provide fast and high quality Galaxy S20 Repairs in Melbourne. Our Phone and iPhone Repairs Shop is located in Melbourne, CBD. Check out the price list below and note that prices are based on a Good touch & LCD Screen

FAQ on Samsung S20 and S20 Plus

No one has a single doubt over the fact that how powerful and fast S20 and S20 Plus are. However, whether you are deciding to buy or you already own one of these fabulous models, you may come across some serious issues that other users have reported. At AMT Electronics, we have prepared a nice article trying to answer the most frequently asked questions of S20 and S20 Plus.

Go to FAQ on Samsung S20 and S20 Plus

Looking For Galaxy S20 Screen Replacement Cost in Australia?

Our best price for replacing the screen of your Galaxy S20 in Melbourne and across Australia is as follows: Galaxy S20 Screen Repair [ Good LCD/ Touch Working ] OR Galaxy S20 Screen Replacement [ Bad LCD/ Touch not Working ]

Pricelist for fixing your Galaxy S20 with us



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