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Tips For Buying Personal Computers and Repairs in Melbourne

Buy or repair your PC? When the pandemic shook the world in 2020, our workspaces shifted inside our homes almost overnight. And there hasn’t been any looking back since then.

Speaking of Australia in particular, 40 per cent of people that are employed work from the comfort of their homes, as confirmed by The Australian Financial Review

This statistic is a reasonably huge number if you consider that the ‘employed’ category of people must also include workers who do more hands-on work. It includes everyone from the labour class that help build houses to employees of the hospitality industry. And out of this employed set of people, if 40 per cent have the leisure to sit and work from home, it’s due to their work being largely dependent on their personal computers

Now, this massive chunk of people may save a whole lot of time and energy on transport since they don’t have to get to their office and back, but what they do end up investing in is their own personal computers and workspace. It may seem easy at first, but no longer having on-the-spot IT support like you would have in-office or several colleagues to recommend what software to invest in, and a lack of trustworthy servicing or repair shop are issues that can take a stress-full toll on you. 

Especially because from the webcam on your laptop, to the day-to-day collaborative tools you use to connect with your colleagues and the speed and efficiency of your device, all have a direct effect on your performance at work. 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics chief David Gruen confirms the pandemics’ contribution to sparking a swift rise in Australia’s digital economy. This is probably why everybody’s taking the high road to get on board with the latest technology now. This is exactly why we thought this is the perfect time to introduce to you the variety of products and services we offer at AMT Electronics:

Buy Personal Computers, Desktop Computers & iMac

When it comes to picking out a laptop for yourself, there are so many things that must be considered before you finalise anything. If you’re a video editor, you may require a CPU with an extensive high-end graphic card, if you’re a writer, on the other hand, the specification may not matter as much. 

However, an RGB keyboard, which is essentially a keyboard with backlit keys that change colour in various patterns, may seem like an attractive option to you. Similarly, people with different professions may need specific functionalities and features. They could do away with others that may not be as important and inevitably end up saving some money from their pocket. At AMT Electronics, we have the facility of piecing together your unique laptop based on your requirements and taking home a computer specially catered to your needs. We don’t just have computers; we also have in-store with us desktop computers and all models of iMacs.  

Repair Personal Computers, Desktop Computers & iMac

Even more taxing than picking out a computer for yourself is trusting a service company to repair your personal computer, desktop, laptop or iMac on which your professional life entirely depends. With so many scams rampant throughout computer servicing and repair companies, it’s so easy to be dubious about everything! From missing parts to internal hardware theft or companies identifying false problems to make big money off of you, Trust us, we know you think of everything that could go wrong under the sun.

At AMT Electronics, we encourage you to identify the problem first and only come to us after you’re unable to diagnose the particular difficulty on your own. In most cases, you’d be able to recognise the problem through Microsoft support, Mac support, or a simple Google search. This will allow you to know your computer better and help build trust with AMT Electronics. We’ll begin fixing the problem right away.

The second thing we emphasise is asking plenty of questions. We understand not everyone’s tech-savvy. That’s why asking a bunch of questions to get knowledge or clarity from our experienced technicians about your computer defects could help you gain some peace of mind. And your peace of mind whilst getting anything fixed through AMT electronics is our top priority. 

So whether you’ve accidentally spilt some water on your MacBook, broke its screen or there’s a new virus that’s making your computer act all bonkers, you know where to go. AMT Electronics offers all computer services under one roof.

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you

Out of the many services we offer, one of them is all about providing you with the necessary services wherever you are. Whether at home or on-site in your office, AMT Electronics will reach you!

So often, we’re unable to take care of the most prized possessions we have, our computer for fear of missing out on work or important deadlines. As it always happens, delays in obtaining the necessary defective part in the computer, or failure of diagnosing the correct problem for your system can further postpone your process of achieving optimum productivity levels. Because if your device is stuck at the service company for days, how are you supposed to get any work done?

So, if you need to upgrade your current system, check if your device is running at ideal levels or repair any hardware. Our expert technicians will drop by and help you out. Getting devices repaired or upgraded is anything but a hassle with AMT Electronics.







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