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If your battery is draining quickly, your iPhone experience can be quite terrible. This is why it is important to get your battery issues fixed with outright urgency.

Fast Draining Battery

If your battery is draining quickly, your iPhone experience can be quite terrible. This is why it is important to get your battery issues fixed with outright urgency. The best way to fix a fast-draining battery is to replace it, not just to replace it, there is a need to replace it with a battery of equal quality. This is what the team at AMT Electronics has been doing for years and will certainly do a good job to get the power back to your iPhone. One thing you should not do is try to replace your battery on your own. This can result in even bigger problems. If your iPhone battery is giving you problems, let AMT Electronics be the solution.

Headphone Jack

Although the latest iPhones no longer have a headphone jack, iPhones with the provision for a headphone jack often have a problem with the component. This is why it is important to ensure that it is always working perfectly. A faulty headphone jack can often result in problems not only for your phone but also for other hardware components like headphones and earphones. The team at AMT electronics has a high level of expertise in repairing and replacing faulty headphone jacks. If you are having problems with your headphone jack, there is no better option than AMT Electronics.

Software Problems

This is one of the most common problems that you are going to encounter if you aver an iPhone. The IOS platform can give you several problems that can make your phone quite obsolete. The team AMT Electronics is well equipped with the programming skills to ensure that your iPhone runs smoothly and your data is never compromised. Software-centric problems like the white screen, boot loop, or restricted access will be fixed easily with the help of the team at AMT Electronics. One thing that you might not know is that most iPhone problems might not have to do with the hardware. As part of the AMT Electronics repair package, you also get an expert diagnosis to ensure that you won’t end up replacing faultless hardware. This will save you a lot of money.

Broken or Cracked Screen

The screen provides the interface between a user and the iPhone and the fact that it is made of glass means it is quite fragile and can get broken easily. A broken screen can dampen the whole iPhone experience, it becomes important to get it fixed not only fixed but fixed well. AMT Electronics has created a startling reputation when it comes to broken iPhone screen replacement with OEM, certified screens for every iPhone model. One thing that we must make clear is that once you have a broken screen the whole unit must be replaced, that is the touch panel as well as the digitizer. Even if your cracked screen is still touch-sensitive, the whole panel will be replaced. This means that if you repair your broken screen with AMT Electronics, you are assured of a brand-new touch panel and digitizer combo. The best part is that the parts used by AMT Electronics are Apple certified, so there won’t be a difference in terms of functionality or overall quality with the original screen on your iPhone.

Camera Repair

The integral part of the iPhone experience is the camera. If your camera is not working well, then the experience can be underwhelming. The good news is that the experts at AMT Electronics can get your iPhone camera back to tip-top shape in record time. The main causes of camera faults are dust and electric shock. If your circuit is faulty, it can result in electric shocks that cause the camera to blackout. Dust can also make your camera blurry and result in compromised picture quality. Dropping your phone can also result in your phone camera breaking. Regardless of what caused your camera to be faulty AMT Electronics can get it back running within minutes. If the camera needs to be replaced, you can rest assured that AMT Electronics will replace your iPhone camera with an equally good Apple Certified camera. There is no reason to be content, with a below-par camera experience. Let AMT Electronics bring back the high resolution to your iPhone.

Data Recovery

One thing that you would not wanton lose is the data on your phone. This is worse especially if the data on your phone is not backed up. AMT Electronics has the perfect solution for you. With a team of certified data recovery experts, who are trained to execute data recovery with perfection AMT Electronics will put all data loss problems to rest. Photos and videos, Text messages, Call records. Contacts, Voicemails, Notes, voice memos, Call Recordings, and App data make up the list of data that AMT Electronics experts can help you recover from your iPhone. Hardware problems should not mean that your data is lost forever and AMT Electronics is there to back this up.

Glass Back Repair

Newer iPhone models now come with a glass back. The glass back is amazing and offers a lot in terms of aesthetics but it comes at a price as it is very fragile. The good news is though is that even if you break your glass back, the team at AMT Electronics can replace it within minutes. There is no reason to be walking around with a broken glass back that has a high risk of cutting your fingers or exposing your phone's internal components to dust or water. AMT Electronics has hardware experts that can replace your glass with ease. To add to that, at AMT Electronics, all replacements components are OEM certified. This means that if you replace your back glass at AMT Electronics, your iPhone will retain its wireless charging capabilities.

Charging Component Repair

There is nothing as inconvenient as faulty intermittent charging on an iPhone. If your phone is not charging, then you cannot use it and the team at AMT Electronics are there to ensure that it never gets to that point. With precision training that allows them to easily diagnose the cause of the charging problems, the team at AMT Electronics will ensure that your iPhone gets back to seamless charging in minutes. The main cause of charging problems in iPhones is faulty charging ports. AMT Electronics provides efficient and effective, charging port replacement services. If you are having problems with your wireless charger as well, you can also visit AMT Electronics. AMT Electronics provides expert service for charging-related problems for all iPhone models including the latest as well as older models.

Button Repair

Newer models of the iPhone no longer have a home button but we are still miles away from a button-less iPhone. Faulty buttons on an iPhone can make navigation and control very difficult and in some instances quite literally impossible. If you are having problems with any button on your iPhone AMT Electronics can fix that for you in record time. Depending on the cause of the damage as well as the extent of the damage, your phone might need a thorough clean up and repositioning only or if the damage is extensive, there might be a need for a replacement. Regardless of what needs to be done, you can rest assured that the team AMT Electronics can get it done in record time.

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