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Frequently Asked Questions on Samsung S20 and S20 Plus

The complete S20 series has left the world in awe of its beautiful image and video curating quality. Furthermore, powered with intelligent lightning speed charging capabilities, the S20 series is a complete package of beauty and brains. Speaking of brains, Samsung brings a re-seasoned integration of AI with its camera so you can shoot, express, and share in vivid accuracy and detailed sharpness. All this and its exceptional 5G technology made the S20 series one of the most promising smartphones to have launched in 2020, which is why you're here. Either you're considering buying it or still configuring the purchased technology on your own. Whatever it may be, AMT Electronics answers the most frequently asked questions of S20 and S20 Plus.

What are the most common problems with Samsung S20?

With great power comes great responsibility. So obviously, great technology would have at least some complications, and it is our responsibility to address it. Over time, users have reported a few problems; most were fixed with an update or a short visit to the nearest service centre. In which case, we guarantee AMT Electronics is your one-stop solution. Nevertheless, users faced some problems and were solvable from the comfort of their homes that we think we should address.

For instance, S20 accidentally launches edge panels or applications. Given how overly sensitive smartphones have become, we all saw this coming. If you find that accidental touches are causing unnecessary activity on your phone, proceed to "Settings", then scroll down to "Display" and tap the "accidental touch protection" toggle.

Next, the S20 series comes fuelled with an impressive battery life. Unfortunately, users have reported that the luxurious features of the phone seem to deplete it quite fast. Don't worry; if you're facing the same issue, find your way to the "Device Maintenance" under the "Settings" app, and look for the "Battery Usage Graph". Suppose you are losing battery life to the "Always on Display". Then head to "Settings", then "Lock Screen", and disable the "Always on Display". 

If this doesn't significantly decrease your battery usage, then find "Display" in "Settings" again, then "Motion Smoothness", and select the "60Hz Refreshed Rate" as compared to 120Hz. Sacrificing animation speed may lead to better battery utilisation.

Keep reading to find more such fixes.

Is Samsung S20 waterproof?

The Samsung S20 and S20 plus offers an IP68 rating, an international standard proclaiming the device can withstand dust, dirt and water submersion up to 1.5 metres in depth for 30 minutes straight. Sounds pretty great, right? If you don't have plans to capture the underwater wildlife whilst deep diving in the ocean, then yes. This does make for a more than satisfactory water-resistance rating. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean that you can submerge the phone in any liquid. Testing is done with plain water, so any liquid such as fizzy drinks entering the device can cause long-term harm. After all, water resistance doesn't indicate that water won't enter your S20. 

It just means it'll temporarily affect the speakers or other features and return to normal once it's dried out. We're talking about water, though, not juice or coffee! However, if you do get juice or coffee in your S20, Coffee and Juice Repair are part of our services at AMT Electronics.

Why is my Samsung S20 frozen?

Press and hold the volume down and power simultaneously for 10 seconds, and your device should automatically reboot. Once you see the Samsung S20 logo, release the buttons while your phone finishes rebooting. This fix should significantly improve the performance of your S20 or S20 plus.

Why does my S20 ultra keep crashing?

If your S20 keeps crashing, regardless of its model, there could be numerous reasons causing it. The first thing you need to do is ensure that your device's software is up to date. A lot of the time, this will solve the problem. To do this, go to "Settings", then "About Device", tap "Software Update", and finally touch "Update".

Another reason behind this could be a bad app. Check the application's reviews on the Samsung Apps Store or Google Play Store if others face similar issues. If that is the case, you could wait for an update or uninstall the application.

A memory glitch could also be causing your phone to crash constantly. Restarting your device will help. Alternatively, you can also go to "Settings", "Manage Applications", then select the app that keeps crashing and press "Clear Data and Clear Cache". Clear some memory or unwanted files if things aren't looking smooth for you. Often, overloading the device with apps and media can result in poor functioning and crashes.

Perhaps your External SD card is corrupt? Try formatting it by going to "Settings" and then "Storage Menu". Make sure to duplicate or save essential files elsewhere before you do this.

Lastly, if all else fails, a factory data reset may be the only left solution to your problem. To perform this, open the "Settings" again, then "Privacy", followed by "Factory Data Resent" or "Back up and Reset", depending on your version of android. Don't forget to back up your data before you reset because you will lose it.

There's an issue with the Samsung s20 charging port. How to repair it?

If you're experiencing issues with charging your Samsung S20 and S20 Plus, the issue can range from being a fairly minor software problem to some major hardware trouble. 

The first thing you should do is check your charging port for any built-up debris. Wipe it clean if you feel the need to. Next, continue to examine your cable for any filth or dust. You can soak the ends of the cable in alcohol and wipe it down with a washcloth. While you're at it, look for any breakages in the cable. Further, inspect the charging point for any blockage or moisture. You can try to clean it with a tissue or resort to AMT Electronics' port cleaning services.

If cleaning your port doesn't bring much luck, try to force restart it if it has enough power. Restart it the same way: as you would if it were frozen (Refer to FAQ 3).

If restarting the phone doesn't do you any good, try charging other devices using the power adapter and cable. This would narrow down if the problem is within the phone or charger.

Lastly, if you've concluded the charger is working, try charging your phone while it's off. If there is only a firmware issue, the phone should charge while off.

None of these resolutions bought you success? Head to AMT Electronics for a professional inspection.

What you need to know before replacing S20 and S20 plus screen?

Replacing the S20 or S20 plus screen is a highly technical job. It involves heating the device and using suction tools to open it (with the risk of cracking it). Then, dissecting it, making other parts of the machine more vulnerable to damage, and replacing the screen with another high-quality one. It requires both high-quality parts and expert skills. So, we'd only recommend you to get it replaced by a trusted service centre. AMT Electronics is one that not only has the skill and warranty on all our parts but 32+ years of experience in the IT Industry.

Final thoughts

So is Samsung S20 and S20 plus worth buying? The 5G connectivity, gorgeous picture and video quality, extensive ram, bolting display, and premium hardware are worth the big bucks. If you do encounter issues with your device, however, fret not! AMT Electronics has your back with expert repairing, a 30-day warranty on all our parts, and assistance achieved in a flash. So, you know where to drop by if things go wrong.







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