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The Most Common Issues With Galaxy S10

If you are a user of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and facing multiple glitches which you want to fix without paying more to the stores. Then, we are here to serve you and we investigated a few common glitches with proper solutions that customers have most frequently

The fact of the matter:

Samsung company introduced the Galaxy S10 version in the marketplace on March 18, 2019, with a price range starting from $900 approximately. Some astonishing specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series are as follows;

Galaxy S10 has an infinitude demonstration of 6.10”

The front camera is positioned at the upper-right edge and it can capture HD photos, high definition lens is also fixed in it which takes powerful resolution photos and a slow-motion videography option is also installed. 

Because of its awesome features, Galaxy S10 plus has generated huge revenue in the marketplace, and customers loved the device. Meanwhile, the users of Galaxy S10 started complaints against the device they faced during its usage. A few problems and their possible solutions are discussed as follows:

Bluetooth connection glitch 

Device becomes overheated 

Insufficient battery life

Inadvertent screen touch problem

Lift to wake glitch 

Wi-Fi connectivity glitch 

Here we go with the appropriate resolution of the listed common glitches of the Samsung Galaxy S10 step by step. 

Stay with us for easy and accurate solutions to your problems.

Bluetooth connection glitch 

A Bluetooth connectivity glitch is tremendously aggravating, when suddenly it turns off while you are listing to music or some other audio or video sounds. Utmost Galaxy S10 users didn’t face any problems, Bluetooth connection disappears casually when the mobile display is off.

Turn the Bluetooth connection on and off

In case of this glitch, the user must have to check the connection first and revive the connection. Commonly Bluetooth connection glitch appears by modestly detaching the existing structure. Go to settings and turn the Bluetooth connection off at the same time turn off the Bluetooth connection of the other device to which you want to connect. After some time try re-start the connection again. Most probably users’ problem is resolved.

Revive the mobile phone 

Users can switch off the device by pressing the volume down key and power key in the meantime and holding these keys for about 10 seconds or other.

Overheated device

Mobile phones got overheated while used for a long time or plugged for charging. Nevertheless…

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10, this glitch can be relatively disquieting. Few of its models were testified to be hot and ignition.


Firstly, stop using your device turn it off, and let it cool. User can use their device after a few moments  

Secondly if you have a protector case for your device, you should remove the case. Because the case must be the cause of overheating your phone and letting it cool. 

Thirdly few mobile applications must be the reason for overheating your device, such as game applications. Therefore, uninstall these applications and then check your device, is it still overheated or not.

Insufficient battery life

Samsung company claims that the battery life of the S10 is extended than its other prior models. While Galaxy S10 users complained about its battery life which is not sufficient according to the model. A few Galaxy S10 users also grumbled that their device consumes a heavy percentage of battery while it is not in use. 

The preliminary is a dispute with the mobile’s immediacy beams, in that case, the mobile phone’s display is turned on inadvertently while kept in a pocket or in the bag, which causes the heavy battery to lose. Another glitch is a wicked program that averts the mobile phone`s battery-saving sleep function from kicking in after the mobile phone has finished a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) label on apps like Skype, FB messenger, or WhatsApp.

For that check mobile settings, go to device care, and battery.

Go to the power-saving mode and select the optimisation which one you desire. This will improve your phone’s battery life.

In case you never want to turn on battery-saving mode then it’s okay. You can modify some other settings in your device like low brightness level, and clean your device to turn off such applications that run at the backend while the cell phone is at rest mode. Turn off always display setup and avoid using live wallpapers and turn off the screen popping up notifications.

Move to Settings

Lock Screen

Uncheck the Always On Display option.

Afterthought,Again open Settings

Move to Advanced Features

Then move to Motions and Gestures, and then uncheck Boost to Wake.

Restart the device 

The first possible solution for this glitch is to restart your cell phone which is of ultimate apparent fix however, this fix works splendidly. Using problem

Inadvertent screen touch problem

Occasionally in the case of putting your cell phone in the bag’s pocket, the phone’s screen gets on inadvertently. This might cause a few applications to get hurled and do a few activities that you never desire to do.

However, this glitch can be resolved by making some modifications to settings.

Resolve this by doing the following modest steps:

Open settings

Go to display

Check Inadvertent (Accidental) touch   protection button 

Turn the Button on

Lift to wake up glitch 

Samsung company install an innovative feature on their Galaxy S10 devices that would permit the device to wake up whenever the cell phone is picked up.

However, Numerous S10 operators are irritable with this new feature. This feature causes them to drain the battery of their cell phones rapidly. Many of the users of Galaxy S10 put forward a complaint that their phone wakes up while kept in their pocket and it causes a huge consumption of battery.

Here we go to the solution to this glitch. 

Open the Settings menu

Advanced Features button

Motions and Gestures menu

Turn off the option Lift to Wake

Wi-Fi connectivity issue

Almost every mobile phone has a connectivity glitch, particularly Wi-Fi connectivity. However, this glitch is not unanticipated for Galaxy S10 devices. The connection failed randomly and discontinues some under-process activities that are reliant on the Wi-Fi connection. 

User can fix this glitch by following a few simple steps, given below

Open the Settings menu.

Move towards the Connections button

Continue to Wi-Fi

Choose the network you need to associate 

Check the forget network option

Then Reconnect

In case this resolution doesn’t work there is an alternative solution you can try. Follow the steps given below:

Open the Settings of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Move towards the Connections button

Continue to Wi-Fi

Open Advanced Settings

Deactivate the Wi-Fi sleep option 







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